Kebiasaan Diet Yang Harus Dihentikan

Speaking of diet , there are some dietary habits that turned out to need you to stop .

Because the diet does not mean do not eat , then you have to be really careful choosing a weight loss program that is not detrimental to health and lead to disease in the body . Reported Healty Living MSN following , are dietary habits that you should refrain from this moment .

Eating out once a week

She's supposed to give a reward to the body with a good meal once a week after six days of torture yourself that well . In fact , a good meal at the end of the week will only add more calories crease and make your diet fails .

Better balance of nutrients throughout the week and enjoy a delicious healthy menu rather than have to ' revenge ' and ultimately regret .

Chewing gum before eating

He said chewing gum before eating can delay hunger . Though chewing gum also contains calories which can increase the number of calories the body .

When you are hungry , better just suffice your needs and stop eating before you are full.

Limiting portion

Limiting the portion that is the right way , but when the body requires more eating , recognize only the request body . By getting used to eating portions are too small then you will make your body demand more when you give of self reward at the end of the week .

Feeling guilty after every meal

What do you feel guilty after every meal ? Is not what you eat is nutritious and nutritious food for the body ?

Always choose foods labeled low fat

Foods labeled low fat does not always guarantee keeps you slim . Often labels can deceive you , and make you feel may eat more . This is hidden and can camouflage even dangerous for your diet program .

If you crave a healthy weight and a healthy and slim body , balance your menu nutrition and exercise .

Berat Badan

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