Tips Menurunkan Berat Badan Dengan Mengubah Kebiasaan Pagi

There is one simple thing that can help you lose weight . How, just by changing habits in the morning .

Reported Womenshealthmag , Feinberg universities conducting research on how to lose weight . There were 54 participants who were an average age of 30 years and his condition was monitored for 7 consecutive days . They are required to record all food consumed , and calculate how many calories that enter the body through the food . Those who then choose high-protein foods have a lower BMI than those who choose foods rich in fat .

The habit of choosing a breakfast food is what really determines the rise and fall of your body weight . By choosing protein-rich foods , your body will feel full longer so in the daytime will not eat like crazy .

In addition , it is recommended that you also do exercises in the morning , whether it's a morning walk or jog . Morning sunshine has a good effect on the body . Which when enjoyed for 20-30 minutes will make you a morning person and more motivated by the spirit of the day.

When your mood is good, then you will be ready to come to the gym to burn more calories .

It's ready to reach your ideal weight ?

Berat Badan

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