Cara Diet Alami Dengan Konsumsi Jus

There are different ways that can be done naturally slim in order to achieve the target have ideal body posture . One way is to consume only juice for a certain period .

That's what an Australian man , Joe Cross . The story successfully lose 38 pounds in just 60 days published in an inspiration for many people to make changes .

Joe grew as obese men with a body weight up to 140 kg . He also had to undergo a series of treatment due to disease affecting the immune system . Both of these conditions is the impact of the habit of eating junk food such as pizza , donuts and pie .

When he reached 40 years old , Joe was determined to change his life to be more healthy . He did it with only consume fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days . Miraculously , the determination yielded remarkable results with weight loss reached 38 kg .

With weight loss , health condition was improving Joe . He is no longer undergoing treatment for the disease he suffered healed by itself . Joe also continue the lifestyle to become a vegetarian .

Well , if the Ladies interested in trying ?

No need to go on a diet recipe is definitely Joe Cross 's style . Ladies can create with a mixture of fruit and vegetable juices are used as ingredients . Besides the delicious taste , the juice -making process is also easy . Good luck .

Berat Badan

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