Jenis Makanan Yang Baik Untuk Diet

For Ladies who are interested to undergo a blood type diet , you should begin to find out what kind of food is good and bad for your blood type . For this time , let's see what foods are good for blood type A which dilangsir from page .

Kind of meat is good for you with blood type A are meat chicken and turkey meat . While the meat should be avoided are meat , duck meat , goose meat , mutton , pork , and veal.

Types of fish that consumed people with blood type A are cod , mackerel , salmon , and sardines . While the types of fish that are not good for the blood group A are anchovies , eel , smoked salmon , octopus , and herring .

Dairy products

Dairy products are consumed is goat 's milk cheese , mozzarella cheese , ricotta cheese , goat milk , yogurt from the milk of cows, goats , and sheep . Then , dairy products are not good is butter, milk , and cheese made ​​from cow's milk .

All types of eggs may be consumed by people with blood type A. However , limit consumption of no more than three eggs a week .

Olive oil , sesame oil , sunflower oil , walnut oil should you consume . While oil is best avoided corn oil and peanut oil .

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Berat Badan

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